Claire Iris Bloomfield


Claire Iris Bloomfield

Claire Iris Bloomfield is photographer who works out of Nashville, Tennessee. In 2014, Bloomfield received her BFA in photography and media from the University of Tennessee Chatanooga. Bloomfield has been noted as an upcoming young artist in Tennessee and she serves as both a founder and curator of Shapeshifter, A Moving Contemporary Gallery, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

For Bloomfield, it all culminates on the bed of a scanner. That is where she cultivates her images and the platform from which she produces these so called “artificial landscapes.”

her process

“When I begin to plan for an image I ask myself how can one create a holy object and farm an image?  By developing a specific alchemic secular techno-ritualistic process I have begun to dig at these questions. I use the scanner’s glass as a farmer’s bed and a ritualistic platform. It is the center of my process and the place where all materials and ideas are synthesized. By using opposite materials I can address the emotional effects of trauma. I always use one natural material and one artificial material. The artificial material is a symbolism of what it feels like to have something as foreign in the body, such as deep pain. This is like an electrical shock on the body. Also by mixing organic and synthetic materials I create a new dialogue and work towards the transformation of the material, self, and viewer.”

her outcomes

“The images produced function independently within themselves. They contain auras and provoke allure, as they function as their own mitochondria cultivating energy and feminine power. When a copy is made light ejects across the scanner’s glass and develops onto the computer. Its replica contains an inversion of perspective as it is developed from an underlying viewpoint. Thus capturing an image unseen by the human eye. Prior to the copy, the materials are amorphous and semi-grotesque as milk, ink, dirt, herbs, and glitter are swirled together. Yet, the copy synthesizes these materials into a singular form.”

Bloomfield currently serves as curator and videographer for Mineral House Media, a curatorial collective focused on the enrichment of personal practice through connection, analysis, and the elevation of working contemporary artists.

To view more of Bloomfield’s work please visit her website.